1. I won’t kill you, I’ll put you in a room full of gaz providers and I’ll give your kid a car racing game.
    The more he wins, the more you suffocate, and we both know what your kid’s favorite game.
  2. It never is the sudden absence of light what makes you afraid at night; but it surely is the one who turned off the lights.
  3. A blind man on the street asked another for help cutting the price ticket on the back of his shirt using a scissors he had with him. The other man approached the back of his neck with the scissors saying: “You shouldn’t have trusted me; I’m as blind as you are, and they say I’m a fool”.
  4. He was sitting on the road side, saying to people passing by: “cow”, “pig”, “chicken” and finally he said “human”. I asked him: why are you calling people that way?! He answered: I’m only saying what their last meal was.
  5. At 4 am he slipped his arm around her waist and down to her belly, she said: “John, not twice a day, we are tired”. He replied: “Honey, John was not here the first time”.