Each and every one of us tries to present himself in the best way possible…
I, a Syrian of 22 years old, living in Paris for the moment, tried to find out about how I would be able to present myself in a website of my own creation and design… A website we were told to creat, constructed by Prof. Odile FARGE, who stayed with us step by step to help us « the non-developers » to trust ourselves and develop a complete website on our own.
The website is not yet finished, I’m still working on it, I am planning to put my E-book as my home page. An E-book about a Syrian prisioner, this short E-book of about 5 pages, permits the reader to live the life of this prisinor for at least 10 minutes. I wanted to dedicate it to every forgotten prisioner, every one reaching for freedom of speech.
The website is constructed with HTML and Wordpress. Inside we can find my CV and some more information about me.

I hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free. Freedom is the key.

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