(He) jumped into the metro at the last second, he almost got his hand crashed. He kept laughing and (said) to is friend who was way faster getting in: « I (once) lost my favorite copybook, remember it? the one with the two big F (letters) on the cover? you don’t? The FF copybook, the Fuck Force one hahahaha ! Well, but losing it is surly better that losing my life, for God’s sake, I was gonna (die) !

At that moment, I remembered my weakness, my only point of weakness, you.

I unconsciously slipped my hand into my pocket, got my headphones and plugged them into my mobile and quickly into my ears, so quickly like if was about to take my drug of the day, and there goes your voiceee.. Singing, and singing..

Do you remember (when) we used to spend every night singing? I mean, you singing and I smiling back at you.. I was smiling out of internal shy happiness, I was smiling at that way you (pronounced) each and every word, at the the way you used to launch my drug right into my blood.My whole body is itching me now no drug dealers around, I mean, no drug dealers that can replace you, source is irreplaceable. Their shit tastes like shit, trust me, I tried.

Do you remember at seventh grade when we first met? that day when I stole Maria’s homework in the class of that brutal prof that would have yelled at her and kicked her out of class? You looked at me doing it and you smiled saying: (I’ll never say) anything, don’t worry, you can trust me.
I smiled back, I knew that day that I found my friend-mate.. Yes, I am calling you friend-mate and I will replace the word soul with you my friend in every chance I’ll have.

That was the first day.. But that last day, when my sister texted me out of nowhere: « come back home as soon as possible, Rime fought with parents, she is crying and we need you here » I got shocked and ran home so fast thinking what the hell happened, Rime never fights with them, it’s always me !!

I got home, I didn’t find Rime, everybody is so weird!
– Where is Rime, what’s wrong?
– We need to tell you something..
– ………… Who died?
– ……; maybe the closest one to your heart
– Fuck

I went to Facebook, I knew they were lying, I wanted to make sure of it.. But !! (your name) was there, you name was everywhere, on every post and every picture.. your name (again) and again..

I was paralyzed.

My sister tried to get closer to me but she was afraid, she knew I might explode.
– (I don’t want) to push anything on you, but please just let me hug (you).

I exploded.. I cried.; I couldn’t move my hands (to) hug her back..
I then went to open my drawer, to get that half of paper where you wrote the letter (d).. The other half always stayed at your place, the « o » half.

« People always say they wanna (d)o things but they just never (d)o. Line, let us (d)o it.. We can (d)o lots of things, life is ahead. »

I just wish you could read what I just wrote to you my friend-mate. And then after you finish reading, I wish you could re-read ONLY the words hidden between the brackets.

I (d)o miss you like hell.. I (d)o