The Animal Me

I was doing my everyday jogging in the park under the building when I saw mom playing Dona. How pretty my baby is. Oh, look at her, all blond and cute.

I went to them, kissed her cheek.

–         “We’ll meet at dinner my love”.

–         “Okay daddy.. Hey look gramma, that girl doesn’t know how to ride a bike!”

I smiled.

When I arrived home, I took that longue shower in the tub and somehow started to fall asleep, well, I resisted at first but then I said to myself that Rozy will surly wake me up when dinner is ready.

I was so tired, I dreamt of horses, cheetahs, and gazelles. And then Rozy called me from the kitchen: “Albert, come on, get out of the tub, Dona is here, dinner is ready and you are sleeping, for God’s sake, you should stop sleeping in the tub, it doesn’t seem healthy to me”.

I opened my eyes: “coming honey, coming”. I started to left myself and oops!!! What the hell! What is that huge weight on my back? I tried to stretch my arms back to touch it but they seem to feel too short and I can’t even see them, what is going onnnn…

I managed to move out of the tub and I tried to reach the mirror, once I did, I fainted and fell to the floor. Yes Mr. Psychiatrist, yes, I was a turtle! I’m not inventing this, it did happen, I swear to God. Why won’t anybody just believe me? Is it because I run a lot? Or is it because I’m just always too fast? I mean ya, it is weird being a turtle, but who wants to be a savage animal! I hate cheetahs !